Dynamic Neural Network is All You Need: Understanding the Robustness of Dynamic Mechanisms in Neural Networks


Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have been used to solve different day-to-day problems. Recently, DNNs have been deployed in real-time systems, and lowering the energy consumption and response time has become the need of the hour. To address this scenario, researchers have proposed incorporating dynamic mechanism to static DNNs (SDNN) to create Dynamic Neural Networks (DyNNs) performing dynamic amounts of computation based on the input complexity. Although incorporating dynamic mechanism into SDNNs would be preferable in real-time systems, it also becomes important to evaluate how the introduction of dynamic mechanism impacts the robustness of the models. However, there has not been a significant number of works focusing on the robustness trade-off between SDNNs and DyNNs. To address this issue, we propose to investigate the robustness of dynamic mechanism in DyNNs and how dynamic mechanism design impacts the robustness of DyNNs. For that purpose, we evaluate three research questions. These evaluations are performed on three models and two datasets. Through the studies, we find that attack transferability from DyNNs to SDNNs is higher than attack transferability from SDNNs to DyNNs. Also, we find that DyNNs can be used to generate adversarial samples more efficiently than SDNNs. Then, through research studies, we provide insight into the design choices that can increase robustness of DyNNs against the attack generated using static model. Finally, we propose a novel attack to understand the additional attack surface introduced by the dynamic mechanism and provide design choices to improve robustness against the attack.

In the ICCV 2023 Workshop on Resource Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision.